TBC provides safe demolition and asbestos abatement contractor services.

Corporate Safety Program Overview

Two Brothers Contracting Inc. (“TBC”) has built its Corporate Safety Program on the following core principles and policies

  • Ownership and management commitment and resources
  • Employee participation and training
  • Open communication between ownership, management and employees
  • Health and safety policy
  • Goals and objectives
  • Baseline evaluation and hazard/risk assessment
  • Hazard control system
  • Preventive and corrective action system
  • Record keeping
  • Auditing and self-inspection
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Medical program and surveillance
  • Processes for continual improvement and integration
  • We are also proud members of the National Demolition Association (NDA). We incorporate the NDA’s safety documents, tool box talks and safety and HAZCOM plans into our corporate and site specific plans.

    A Commitment to Safety

    • TBC’s commitment to safety starts with ownership and their philosophy that safety is first and foremost on all projects.
    • No employee will ever be placed in an unsafe situation. Each employee is empowered to stop work and request an evaluation of safety procedures and/or work methods.
    • Safety audits are frequently performed to assess each projects safety performance and look for ways for improvement.
    • Employee safety suggestions are welcomed.

    Safety Training

    • TBC’s employees have received specialized health and safety training including HAZWOPER, demolition safety training, fall protection and respiratory protection.
    • For our asbestos workers – they are certified by the respective State agency which regulates the removal of asbestos containing materials.
    • New employee and supervisor initial training and refresher training classes are performed on an ongoing basis.
    • Project specific training is performed on an as-needed basis.

    Project Controls and Site Specific Training

    • Typically, before the start of each project, a site specific HASP and work plan are developed to address the specific hazards of the project.
    • An OSHA engineering survey is performed.
    • On a daily or weekly basis (at a minimum), the following are conducted onsite:
      • Toolbox talks
      • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
      • Task Hazard Analysis (THA)

    Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

    Due to TBC’s commitment to safety, we are proud to have one of the lowest EMR in the asbestos and demolition industry. Our current EMR is 0.79 which is substantially lower than the industry average.

    Demolition Safety

    Clients working with TBC can be confident that safety is first and foremost on all of our projects. All employees have various OSHA safety training as well as job specific training. Site specific work and safety plans are prepared for each project. Daily tool box talks and Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) are also completed. TBC is proud to have one of the best EMR in our industry which is currently a 0.79