TBC performs a wide variety of emergency demolition services including fire damaged houses and structures, wind damaged structures or other weather related damaged structures.

Emergency Demolition Services Overview

Two Brothers Contracting, Inc. (“TBC”) has the equipment and safety trained personnel to perform a wide variety of emergency demolition services including fire damaged houses and structures, wind damaged structures or other weather related damaged structures. Not only can TBC perform the demolition but our company is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor. As such, we can perform both services simultaneously.

Types of Emergency Demolition

TBC performs the following types of emergency demolition contractor services:

  • Structures, buildings or houses damaged by fire.
  • Buildings or structures that have had a collapse due to snow, fire or other weather related issue.
  • Buildings or structures that have become structurally unsound due to age, disrepair or other.
  • Structures damaged by the break of a utility line (water / gas break)

TBC is also a licensed asbestos abatement contractor which allows us to offer our clients both
abatement and demolition under one contract.

Controlled Demolition

TBC can demolish a building/structure with asbestos material still in place using controlled demolition procedures. TBC has in house engineering capabilities to deem the structure unsafe as per a licensed professional engineer.

Some controlled demolition procedures include:

  • Entire demolition area shall be considered a regulated abatement work area. This area will be enclosed within a barrier and signage to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Entrance or exit of all persons and equipment shall be through one designated and controlled "access way" in the barrier or fence, which shall provide a means of egress from the regulated abatement work area.
  • All decontamination areas will be within the regulated abatement work area. An equipment decontamination area shall be cordoned off within the worksite for cleaning of heavy equipment, i.e., backhoes, excavators, loaders, etc.
  • Wet methods are strictly followed using fire hoses and/or fogging / misting machines.
  • All debris generated by the demolition is considered to be asbestos contaminated waste (to be disposed of as RACM), except for structural members, steel components and similar non-suspect items that will be fully decontaminated.

TBC’s Fleet of Specialized Emergency Demolition Equipment

One of TBC’s advantages over other demolition contractors is that we own all of our equipment. Our fleet of equipment includes various sized excavators as well as high reach excavators with demolition attachments (pulverizers, shears, multi-processors, hydraulic hammers). This equipment is supported by numerous other standard construction equipment including front-end loaders, skid steers, rollers and backhoes. We also own several mobile, concrete crushing units with radial stackers.

Emergency Demolition Safety

Clients working with TBC can be confident that safety is first and foremost on all of our projects. All employees have various OSHA safety training as well as job specific training. When asbestos is present, workers also have asbestos training and are licensed. Site specific work and safety plans are prepared for each project. Daily tool box talks and Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) are also completed. TBC is proud to have one of the best EMR in our industry which is currently a 0.79