Building and Facility Demolition and Wrecking Contractor.

Demolition Services Overview

Two Brothers Contracting, Inc. (“TBC”) are experts in the demolition industry that adhere to all safety rules and regulations as well as strict quality control. TBC not only self-performs interior and total demolition services but also provides clients a complete turnkey package by offering in-house asbestos abatement and concrete crushing services. We attempt to maximize recycling on all projects and can provide LEED documentation.

Types of Demolition

TBC performs the following types of demolition contractor services:

TBC is also a licensed asbestos abatement contractor which allows us to offer our clients both abatement and demolition under one contract.

TBC’s Fleet of Specialized Demolition Equipment

One of TBC’s advantages over other demolition contractors is that we own all of our equipment. Our fleet of equipment includes various standard excavators as well as high reach excavators with demolition attachments (pulverizers, shears, multi-processors, hydraulic hammers). This equipment is supported by numerous other standard construction equipment including front-end loaders, skid steers, rollers and backhoes. We also own several mobile, concrete crushing units with radial stackers.

Recycling, Asset Recovery and Concrete Crushing

TBC, Inc. provides our clients very competitive pricing by optimizing recycling of scrap metals, maximizing asset recovery of equipment and inventory and providing the option to crush all concrete and masonry materials onsite into a useable and compactible backfill material.

For each project, we assess any remaining assets that can be sold or repurposed. This may include generators, switch gear and other electrical equipment, chillers and mechanical equipment, machine shops, process equipment as well as any remaining inventory, rolling stock or site vehicles. TBC has excellent relationships in the used equipment industry which allows us to provide a bigger offset than just looking at these items as scrap metal. However, when the equipment is too old or has no-resale value, we look to fully evaluate the scrap metal value to maximize the return to the client.

We work numerous mills and specialized recyclers to capitalize on the full value of all scrap metals on our demolition projects. We practice strict sorting of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel, copper, stainless steel, nickel alloys and other exotic metals.

Our specialized concrete crushing units make quick work of demolished concrete, masonry and brick materials. TBC can meet a wide range of specified sizing from 6 inch to ¾ inch crushed materials. These materials are then utilized onsite as backfill materials, which saves money by not having to import materials.

Demolition Safety

Clients working with TBC can be confident that safety is first and foremost on all of our projects. All employees have various OSHA safety training as well as job specific training. Site specific work and safety plans are prepared for each project. Daily tool box talks and Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) are also completed. TBC is proud to have one of the best EMR in our industry which is currently a 0.79